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Comp and Design / Color – BW


The objective of this project had three parts. One was to use different composition and design elements such as Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Patterns, Symmetry, and another of our choosing.

The second part asked us to focus on the colors of what we were shooting, things like Contrast of Hues, Contrast of Saturation, Complimentary Contrast, Cold / Warm, and Contrast of Extension.

We then need to use colors to express something symbolic or am expression or emotion, as well as select a photo that would be expressed in both black and white and color and talk about how it expresses itself differently in each state.

Part 1

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds: This was a monument I really wanted to shoot while in Berlin. It was erected in the late 1800s to commemorate the Danish-Prussian War. Using the Rule of Thirds, I photographed my subject in the outer right third of the frame. I also like how the jet in the background left a trail of condensation, which I think can be thought of as fireworks for a celebration or rocket trails from rockets that were used to secure the victory in which the column was created for.

Leading Lines

Leading Lines: This was shot at the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe. There is a lot going on at this memorial and is made up of hundreds of intersecting paths, but this center line grabs the viewers attention and pulls their eyes from the front to the back of the photo and simplifies the photo while still giving it great depth.


Patterns: This photo was taken at Alexanderplatz in Berlin and exhibits the use of patterns in photography, and the windowpanes and the ridged texture is seemingly endless.

keep eye moving

Keep the Eye Moving: This photo works to keep the eye moving as the viewer will focus on the first bulb and then follow it down deeper in the photo and then they will continue to look around in the foliage to see if they missed anything.

Part 2

Part A

Contrast of Hue

Contrast of Hues: The three differentiated hues found in this photograph are orange, red, and yellow. We were instructed to make a photo of something that exhibits contrasting hues. I was eating lunch and an orange garbage truck came into the scene and it worked out perfectly.

Contrast of Sat

Contrast of Saturation: I found this scene while window shopping. I love the vibrancy of the saturation of some of the yellow flowers, while others are a bit darker and make the brighter ones stand out.

Comp Contrast

Complimentary Contrast: This photo exhibits complimentary contrast. Red and green are complimentary colors and while there isn’t much red in the photo, I enjoy how random the red is throughout the photo and especially the red berries further back in the photo.

Cold Warm

Cold / Warm: With this photo, I was looking at the blue against the orange and the green against the red. Two sets of cold / warm contrasts, which work to create a scene that is really interesting.

Contrast of Extension:

Part B


Green can represent growth. As with the photograph under this, without context, this photo may mean very little. This is the top of a building in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. It’s an area that was divided by the Berlin Wall and was decimated between World War II and the Cold War. Now it is the top of a very tall building, a beacon if you will, shining its green light to be seen above the skyline for miles in an area that less than 20 years ago was a wasteland.


While the red is subtle in this picture, I think it’s appropriate to represent both anger and war. While the words “WHY” on a random building may not be particularly poignant, the fact that this was the Berlin Wall made it more emotional and symbolic for me as it was the center of so much turmoil and divide within Germany. WHY indeed.

Part 3

IMG_1290 IMG_1289

We were asked to take one photo and alter it in Aperture to make it grayscale, while keeping a color version. The feeling of the photo has changed as I think it makes it a bit more somber, as it’s a memorial for the millions of Jews killed during the Holocaust.

In its color form, I feel a bigger point of interest are the trees and finally the flags, as they are the most colorful and stand out with lines leading towards them. I like the flags to stand out as it really makes this a cohesive image. Millions (in the foreground) were murdered at the hands of the Nazis, who were German (and of whom you see their flag flying [Germans, not Nazis]). But just 70 or so years later, the American flag is flying high over this once Nazi held land, which is really symbolic for me and shows how far this country has come.


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