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Depth of Field


Part 1

The purpose of this project was to familiarize ourselves with depth of field. We would achieve this using three techniques: aperture, focal length, and distance.

Focal Length:

IMG_1067 IMG_1072

This is a fig tree in my backyard. By adjusting the focal length I was able to feature a shallow depth of field (the first photo) and a large depth of field (the second photo).


This was a Parmegiano-Regiano dairy in Italy. By adjusting using a larger aperture I was able to focus on the equipment in the middle of the photo, placing more emphasis on it than anything else in the photo.



This photo uses a smaller aperture and a slightly different angle to give a deeper depth of field and viewers of the photos can get a better idea of what is happening in the scene.



Back at the cheese factory! I used distance in these photos to alter the depth of field. The top photo is really close to the cheese and as a shallow depth of field. I really like how the cheese on bottom and on the side encompasses the photo.


This highlights a larger depth of field with more distance between the lens and the cheese. While cheese isn’t on three sides of the lens as above, it gives perspective to how much cheese there really is.



Part 2

The purpose of part two was to take a photo of something  that is comforting to me where everything is sharp and another photo of something that fascinates me.

The first photo features everything in focus and everything sharp. Booze is the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems, how is that not comforting?




The second photo features a bottle of Booker’s Bourbon. Bourbon is something that fascinates me, above all other spirits. As such, it is featured prominently in front of the rest of the alcohol which is blurred in the background.



Contact Sheet 1

Contact Sheet 2

Contact Sheet 3

Contact Sheet 4

Contact Sheet 5


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