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Seeing Light


The objective of Seeing Light was to familiarize ourselves with how light effects our work.

Part A: Part A asked us to take 5 photos of one scene throughout the day and to capture how the scene and light changes throughout the day. I satisfied this by capturing a scene in my backyard 5 times throughout the day.


My first photo was taken late morning at 11am. The sun was getting close to its highest point and was intensely bright.


Around 2:00 the sun was filtered by trees and casted soft, cool light throughout the yard.


Around 4pm the sun was starting to break through some of the filtering trees and the colors of the vegetation were brighter and more vivid.


Around 6pm the the lighting became cool again, very different than it was at 11am.


This photo was taken around 7pm. It was noticeably darker outside but with a wider aperture, more light was let in and it is hard to even tell.

Part B: Part B asked us to photograph one scene under three different types of conditions. I satisfied this by filming a scene local to me under three different types of conditions.

Part C:  Part C asked me to photograph different subjects with different lighting conditions to include front light, back light, side light, overhead light, warm light, and cool light

Back light: While there was overhead lighting all around this structure, the high windows in back allowed the natural light of the sun to overpower the rest of the lighting.

IMG_0748 copy

Side Light: I really like how the statue is posed with the light, as his positioning has him slightly shying away from the light with the light hitting his back and side.

IMG_0705 copy

Cool light: This statue was under cover in a big archway and resulted in a cool light as it blocked out the bright sun.

IMG_0759 copy

Overhead light: This photo was taken at noon with the light source, in this case being the sun, directly overhead.

IMG_0721 copy

Front Light: Though it’s hard to tell as you can’t see where any shadows are cast, this photo was taken late morning with the sun directly in front of the statue.

IMG_0694 copy

Warm Light: This photo was taken as the sun was starting to set and I think the lighting plays really well with the color and tones of the buildings.

IMG_0792 copy


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