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Shutter Speed


For this exercise, we were instructed to explore the different elements of using shutter speed to include panning, slow shutter speed, really slow shutter speed, and really fast.


Using panning, I was able to make a picture of this car and keep the subject itself (the car) clear while the background is blurred. Without panning this would be backwards as the car is moving at a decent rate of speed.


Very slow:

This was the runoff from a gutter in Italy. I set the camera up on a tripod with a 30 second shutter speed. The long exposure turned all the normal splatter and splashes that would be cause midair with a fast shutter speed and turned them all into something that looks like cotton.



I set my camera up with a 2 second exposure. I was curious to see what would happen if I took a picture of the television. Everything around the TV and the TV itself is clear, but the it grabbed a few of the things that were on the TV itself and exposed them, which I think turned out really cool.



While this photo didn’t turn out how I envisioned, it was made using a very fast shutter speed. I was a passenger in a vehicle on a highway and using a very fast shutter speed I was able to make a picture that actually kept detail and definition of the fence.




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