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Pictorialism / Modernism


I think IMAGE 1 is pictorialism as it focuses on the beauty of the subject matter rather than clarity or reality. It looks more like a painting than a photo. Rather than the camera capturing the scene exactly as it is, it is used as a tool, like an artistic extension of the photographer. The photo lacks focus and it feels as if there are almost brush strokes composing the photo. Pictorialism often achieves its effects through the manipulation of multiple negatives.

I think IMAGE 2 is modernism. It highlights a unique subject matter from a strange viewpoint with crisp lines and dramatic lighting and dark spots. The subject matter is sharp and the subject matter itself is often the world around us. In this specific example looks to be a small part of a larger rock formation that is captured in a really interesting way with the lines and texture of the rock combined with the lighting.


The photographer achieved these photos by combining multiple negatives together. The photo looks more like a painting than it does a photograph.



This photo highlights crisp lines, reflections and depth provided by the darker spots and the spots reflecting light. It captures the scene as it is.



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